Oh No, Bongo Cha Cha Cha: TikTok launches an album of famous hits in symphonic version

Oh No, Bongo Cha Cha Cha: TikTok launches an album of famous hits in symphonic version

This is the surprise of TikTok: the social network announces the release of an album compiling the songs that have been very successful on the platform.

These are songs that you will probably recognize, if you frequent TikTok diligently: Wellerman–Sea Shanty by Nathan Evans, No Roots by Alice Merton or even Wipe It Down by BMW Kenny, which gave rise to the #wipeitdown challenge on the social network. All of them are included in an amazing project of the platform, consisting in compiling them in an album.

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Wellerman - Sea Shanty
Nathan Evans, with his song which was a great success on TikTok. // Source: Screenshot

You read that right: TikTok is stepping into the music industry with the release of an album containing 18 tracks intimately linked to the community site. Rooms by Danilo Stanković, Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin MacLeod oh no or Bongo Cha Cha Cha… so many titles that have largely had their success on the platform, with many viral reuses.

It is also because these titles have spread enormously on TikTok that the company has chosen them. TikTok Classics: Meme and Viral Hits, the name of the album, is available in preview, with a 30-second extract each time. The first singles will be available on July 8 on various streaming platforms.

TikTok is trying to release the album on CD…

As for the album, we will have to wait until August. It will not only be available as an album on Spotify and company, but it will also be released on CD and vinyl with the help of the Warner Classics label. Absolutely: the social network has chosen to release its project in formats that are no longer used by the younger generations, who are numerous on the platform. Reckless !

That TikTok is experimenting with such a musical release is ultimately not so absurd, as music is at the heart of the service. The success of the app has come from its functionality to easily film yourself dancing and singing in playback, and then share the result with the rest of the Internet. The popularity has not waned since.

We dance, we sing, we challenge ourselves, we make jokes on TikTok. And many other things too. // Source: Nino Barbey for Numerama

Music is at the heart of the TikTok experience. With TikTok Classics, we want to help make all musical genres accessible on our platform. commented Michael Kümmerle, in charge of music operations for the site in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Because behind the album, there is an attempt: to introduce young people to classical music.

…and dare re-orchestration in classical music

Anyone who is familiar with these different titles will only notice one thing when listening to the extracts available today: the album has a particular hue. These are not exactly the titles used by TikTok, but re-orchestrations by a German troupe, the Babelsberg Film Orchestra. A more symphonic rereading of certain works.

We want to show the possibilities, the range and the incredible sound of a symphony orchestra in a new context; spark curiosity and share our passion for classical music with the TikTok community adds Markus Petersen, senior vice president of global operations and business development at Warner Classics.

Will these covers take with the public? The label wants to believe it, noting that TikTok has already become a tool for musical discovery, including for a genre that can seem demanding and elitist like classical music. But it’s probably when the album is available that we can find out. If titles will be taken up on TikTok, then the bet will be successful.

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