ORMVA of Souss Massa presents the results of 2021 achievements – AgriMaroc.ma

ORMVA of Souss Massa presents the results of 2021 achievements – AgriMaroc.ma

Holding of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the ORMVA of Souss Massa for the 2021 financial year.

  • A qualitative leap in governance that has made it possible to achieve exceptional and unprecedented technical and financial indicators;
  • The optimal implementation of the projects programmed under the new Generation Green (SGG) 2020-2030 agricultural strategy.

The Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mr. Mohamed SADIKI, chaired on Friday June 24, 2022 at the headquarters of the Regional Chamber of Agriculture of Souss Massa in Agadir, the works of the Board of Directors of the Regional Office for Agricultural Development of Souss Massa (ORMVASM) for the 2021 financial year.

During this meeting, Mr. Nor-Eddine KESSA, Director of ORMVASM presented a detailed presentation containing the balance sheet of the physical and financial achievements of the establishment for the 2021 financial year, the state of progress of implementation of the 2022 budget as well as the governance aspects of the Office.

The Board members noted that the ORMVASM has made a qualitative leap in terms of governance by obtaining an exceptional and unprecedented technical and financial result for the year 2021, despite the exceptional circumstances linked to the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19.

With regard to physical achievements, it is worth highlighting the completion of the seawater desalination plant to irrigate an area of ​​15,000 hectares in the Chtouka area and the continuation of the development of agricultural land. and improving the efficiency of the irrigation network through the National Irrigation Water Saving Program.

The Office also monitored the maintenance and modernization of hydro-agricultural equipment, the development of small and medium-sized hydraulic basins in mountainous areas, in addition to the implementation of the program for the development of plant and animal sectors and support for agricultural development.

In terms of budget execution, the ORMVASM was able to record positive indicators during the year 2021, in particular the achievement of 100% and 96% respectively as commitment and payment rates with regard to the investment budget, and 100% (Commitment and payment) for the operating budget. With regard to the recovery of current debts of the Office in irrigation water, this rate reached 98%, thanks to the adoption of a participatory approach and communication with stakeholders, through awareness campaigns. on the importance of payment, in collaboration with the Regional Chamber of Agriculture of Souss Massa and elected officials.

During this meeting, the director of ORMVASM reviewed the technical achievements concerning the projects programmed within the framework of the Green Generation Strategy (SGG) 2020 – 2030, and the most important cross-functional projects being implemented. implemented.

Among the main achievements concerning the first foundation of the Strategy for Green Generation “Priority to the human element”, there is the agricultural insurance project which affects more than 1,150 farmers over an area of ​​11,000 ha, the social protection project for farmers which has made it possible to record more than 60,000 farmers at the level of the CNSS as well as projects aimed at the emergence of a new generation of young agricultural entrepreneurs through the development of collective agricultural land and the establishment of the Regional Center for Young Agricultural Entrepreneurs of Souss Massa which has started its actions by organizing 15 workshops and carrying out studies of feasible projects for the benefit of young people. The year 2021 was also marked by the strengthening of aggregation projects by the implementation of 03 new new generation aggregation projects, linked to the early and citrus fruit sectors.

With regard to the second foundation of the SGG strategy dedicated to the Sustainability of Agricultural Development, the area of ​​action of the ORMVA of Souss Massa has been consolidated by new investments within the framework of the Agricultural Development Fund (FDA) particularly in the irrigation water saving sector, thus recording an increase in the area equipped with localized irrigation to reach 108,647 ha. Also, 09 projects of recovery units concerning several sectors were carried out within the framework of the industrial acceleration program. As part of the development of local products and following the example of the successful project of “DAR ZAAFRANE” in Taliouine, the ORMVASM has initiated, within the framework of partnerships for the benefit of the garlic, argan, carob and olive sectors, similar projects aimed at promoting these products and supporting their marketing . In addition, and as part of the development of the cactus sector, the Office has initiated, in partnership with INRA, a project to multiply species of cacti resistant to cochineal with a view to planting more than 400 ha of cacti. Other projects are launched within the framework of the modernization of the distribution circuits through the creation of the platform of marketing of the agricultural products in Ait Melloul and this within the framework of a multipartite partnership.

The “Quality, Innovation and Green Tech” lever also benefited from a major project called SMART IRRIGATION which aims to expand the supervised area to 65,000 ha in the Souss-Massa area for the citrus and early fruit sectors.

About the lever “Resilient and eco-efficient agriculture” ORMVASM continues its efforts to mobilize unconventional irrigation water through projects such as the seawater desalination unit in Chtouka and strengthens PMH programs through various projects (Aoulouz project out of 4,486 ha, PNEEI on 50,000 ha), while encouraging renewable energy development projects (project on 400 ha in solar energy for the benefit of 250 beneficiaries in the Tiout area).

After discussing the various achievements of the ORMVASM, the Board of Directors approved the balance sheet of its activities, as well as the examination of the accounts for the 2021 financial year which were approved without reservation by the auditor.

The work of this meeting concluded with the approval of the members of the Board of Directors on a set of resolutions.


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