Philippines: Converge ICT chooses ZTE solutions

Philippines: Converge ICT chooses ZTE solutions

ZTE partners with Converge ICT to bring first XGS-PON services to residential markets in the Philippines. The aim is to expand the commercial range of XGS-PON in the coming years and stimulate the evolution of the local network.

Together with Converge ICT, the Philippines’ leading fiber-optic broadband network provider, ZTE launched a commercial 10-Gigabit Symmetrical Passive Optical Network (XGS-PON) infrastructure in southern Luzon in May. and Visayas. Converge is the first operator to provide residential XGS-PON services in this country. By choosing ZTE, Converge wants to expand the commercial range of XGS-PON in the coming years, while stimulating the evolution of the local network.

Currently, ZTE ranks first in the world in terms of market share in the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) segment, according to IHS. In this XGS-PON project, ZTE used multiple XGS-PON devices with ultra-high bandwidth, such as F8648P and Flex PON technologies, for smooth evolution from GPON to XGS-PON.

In addition, the group has started testing on its WiFi 6 ONT and Mesh WiFi products and will provide comprehensive and high-quality XGS PON solutions and products in the future. Note that ZTE’s ONT has a 10 GE downlink port to meet users’ high-speed access needs. “Going forward, we will continue to work with ZTE to build a stable and efficient network in the Philippines,” said Ronald G. Brusola, chief technology officer at Converge.

“The next few years will be important for the development of 10G PON. We hope to work with ZTE to build a fixed broadband network accessible to all.” “With our 10GPON connectivity up and running, we expect faster and more dramatic results for companies using this technology,” said Jesus Romero, chief operating officer at Converge.

“Through our continued partnership with ZTE, we are confident in providing our customers with this competitive edge.” “Converge and ZTE have a fruitful long-term partnership. ZTE provides Converge with stable and high-speed broadband access products and services. With 20 years of multimedia experience, the group has built a professional R&D team of nearly 1,000 engineers,” said Wan Min, general manager of ZTE Philippines.

“With delivery engineering experts present all over the world and rich experience in industrial cooperation, ZTE will continue to focus on technological evolution and service innovation in the large video industry. This will allow Converge to develop ultra-high definition video services and set an excellent example for operators in Southeast Asia”. In the future, ZTE and Converge will continue to deepen their cooperation to usher in the 10G PON era together.

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