Des tenues grandioses et colorées ont été présentées au défilé Esmod.

PICTURES. We were amazed during the parade of Esmod students in Roubaix

Grandiose and colorful outfits were presented at the Esmod fashion show. (©AS Hourdeaux/Northern Cross)

For 27 years, the ESMOD fashion school in Roubaix offers a fashion show. This week, two took place in the Watremez room, one for the general public, another for professionals. Students received awards. Atmosphere of a moment of grace at the meeting of talented young creatives.

Teddies on stage.
Teddies on stage. (©AS Hourdeaux/Northern Cross)

5 outfits, one universe

This is the excitement for the 3rd year students of the ESMOD school in Roubaix at the end of the school year. To validate their year, the forty young people had to create a collection of 5 outfits in a single universe. On June 16, 2022, they appeared before a jury of nearly 150 professionals from all walks of life. Then, they prepared a fashion show with their outfits!

In fact, 2 fashion shows took place in Roubaix Salle Wattrem: one on June 21, 2022 for the general public; another the next day for the professionals, who awarded prizes.

A fashion show is always a great moment. But at Esmod, it’s an institution!

Esmod Fashion Show 2022
Esmod Fashion Show 2022 (©AS Hourdeaux/Northern Cross)

The central podium is ready, the projectors are installed. Majestic chandeliers in a decor of gilded paper have been installed. Two large screens accompany very rhythmic music. The models are ready to parade, to present around 200 outfits!

Emotion every year

Philippe Zmirou, director of Esmod Roubaix, welcomes the public. “It’s emotional every year to experience this parade! Thanks to the town hall, thanks to our partners: La Redoute, PP Yard Phildar, Tape à l’oeil, Tissus Papi, the Musée La Piscine… I love you! »

He said he was “proud” of his students and sent them this message: “Tell yourself every day that hope is always right”.

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More than 150 outfits were presented during the Esmod show in the Watremetz room on June 21 and 22, 2022 in Roubaix.
More than 150 outfits were presented during the Esmod show in the Watremetz room on June 21 and 22, 2022 in Roubaix. (©AS Hourdeaux/Northern Cross)

Then, place at the parade before the awards ceremony. With very stylish models, the outfits follow one another to the rhythm of lively music. We discovered the ultra-feminine dresses from the Perséphone brand by Elsa, the men’s sportswear inspired by capoeira with Godelieve, the Corsican wardrobe by Juliette, the revisited Haitian madras by Naëlle, the feminine tartans by Lou, the experimental clothing line by Justine, the absolute chic of Mélissa’s costumes.

The public also admired Emeline’s Divorce collection and its vegan leather, Adriana’s lighthouse keeper-effect jeans, Zélia’s delicate woolens, Juliette’s 1940s atmosphere, the wedding wardrobe revisited by Capucine, the Clara’s Renaissance and sportswear styles, Mathilde’s 1970s inspiration, Simon’s vintage sports t-shirts.

Detail of the Esmod 2022 fashion show.
Detail of the Esmod 2022 fashion show. (©AS Hourdeaux/Northern Cross)

message of tolerance

Fashion is also a message. Quentin and others want to show that clothing is synonymous with freedom, respect for all, tolerance. Thus marched boys wearing skirts and crop tops, and girls in costumes.

Loïk and his brand Goustouf were the big winners of the evening: the young man won prizes awarded by Jules, La Piscine, Printemps and Série Noire. With 1500 euros from the La Piscine museum, which will acquire one of her outfits in its clothing collection! Printemps offers him a 3-week “corner” in October in its Lille store, a unique visibility space.

The particularity of Loïk’s brand, Goustouf, is to combine two diametrically opposed styles: the world of his grandmother and that of hip hop. “I made my outfits from furnishing fabric, as if we had taken grandma’s curtains. My grandmother raised me following the domestic violence I was experiencing with my parents. I wanted to pay homage to him with comforting, cozy outfits. And also with this ‘West Coast’ side, being a fan of American hip-hop”. He even made teddy bears to complete his collection.

Loïk has received several awards for his brand Goustouf, in tribute to his grandmother and to American hip-hop.
Loïk has received several awards for his brand Goustouf, in tribute to his grandmother and to American hip-hop. (©AS Hourdeaux/Northern Cross)

Nigeria inspired hip hop

Jade and its collection inspired by the theme of travel has conquered 2 partners: Tissus Papi and Tape à l’oeil. Loan and his hip hop style inspired by Nigeria seduced Esmod Paris.

Maisons de mode gave their preference to Jules and his style mixing Asia and the mining world.

Tissus Papi gave a 2nd prize to Diego and his Italian outfits mixing Dolce Vita and mountain style. Joséphine was spotted by La Redoute, with her colorful exuberant style, her knitted balaclavas, her assumed kitsch side. Promod has chosen the flowery atmosphere of Émeline.

Elise won the award for the great stylist Véronique Leroy. Its collection with a punk look has a particularity: it is suitable for people in wheelchairs. “I wanted comfortable outfits for people with disabilities, but that everyone can wear! The very definition of inclusive fashion!

Maurice received the golden needle!
Maurice received the golden needle! (©AS Hourdeaux/Northern Cross)

The Aiguille d’or, an ESMOD tradition rewarding the student with the best interpersonal skills, was awarded to Maurice, who was also offered to join the school’s new Parisian master’s degree! Maurice likes to combine literature and clothing. Her outfits are real jewels.

Saturo Nino, President of ESMOD International, was present: “We are all looking for reasons to live. It is not easy. Here, after this parade, I see that our students have found her”.

See you next year !

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