Podcast "The Ear is bold".  The Ear does her butt #01

Podcast “The Ear is bold”. The Ear does her butt #01

During the holiday period, “L’Oreille” will remain bold and will make you hear again the good and beautiful moments spent together in recent months. Music, theatre, comic strips, dance, literature, graphic arts… all that the Overseas Territories produce that is more beautiful, more singular or more exciting passes through “L’Oreille…”.

Whether or not you are on vacation during these months of July and August, The Ear is bold accompanies you in podcasts!

Here is a first best-of, a first end to end, bringing together the screenwriter and designer Michaelthe director Olivier Coulon-Jablonkaauthor and director Francoise Dothe choir director Jacques Catayee about Paulette Nardalactor and director Nelson Rafael Madel and the musician Arnaud Dolmen.
All these artists passed by The ear… are to be found in The Ear does her butt #01it’s this way !

Or here:

Screenwriter and designer Mikaël

©Dargaud editions

From his Canada where he lives, the cartoonist and scriptwriter Mikael passed through the Ear… on the occasion of the publication of volume 1 of his comic strip Harlem (Dargaud editions) featuring the band leader Stéphanie St-Clair, d of Martinican origin. Mikael mentioned in the podcast his attraction for black cultures, from the United States to the Caribbean, he who lived in Guadeloupe for a few years.

Director Olivier Coulon-Jablonka

Director Olivier Coulon-Jablonka

Meeting with the director Olivier Coulon-Jablonka for his piece Kap O World which revolves around relations between France and Haiti. From the importance of the Haitian Revolution, contemporary with the French Revolution, to the consequences until today of the colonization of one country by another, Olivier Coulon-Jablonka tells The ear… what interested him in setting up this project.

Françoise Dô, author and director

Françoise Dô, author and director

The ear… also received the young author and director, partly of Martinican origin, Francoise Do about his piece July 1961. The opportunity to exchange with her on the overseas theater and its influence.

A Catayée Nardal

Jacques Catayee
leader of the choir once founded by Paulette Nardal (and called today the choir joy of singing), told us in The ear… how this pioneer of the concept of negritude lived on having been relegated to the background, behind Césaire and Senghor… “These gentlemen came to meet us in Clamart (Paris region) and came to take all our ideas”, confided then in substance Paulette Nardal , back in Martinique to the young Jacques Catayée, enrolled in the choir created by the lover of voices and religious songs.

The actor and director Nelson-Rafaëll Madel

Return with Nelson-Rafaell Madel about his theater projects as a director and actor. L’Oreille est bold asked him about his overseas presence and the difficulty or otherwise of working between Martinique and France. How to run a show, what opportunities are offered to him by being associated with a national scene like the Atrium in Martinique and what will be his comings and goings taking him to the Festival Off d’Avignon.

An article Dolmen

Arnaud Dolmen

©Cedric Isham

Arnaud Dolmen
is a musician first and foremost, he confided to The Ear is bold… And this, even if his favorite instrument is drums and his musical genre rather Caribbean jazz. Dolmen, wouldn’t that be the name of a monument, would it?… Its primary ambition is not to become a jazz monument but, more modestly, to contribute its stone to the building by seeking new avenues of exploration. , musical creation and succeed in developing his art.

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