Press headlines for Friday, June 24, 2022

Press headlines for Friday, June 24, 2022

Very high debit fixed

• “Are you eligible for Very High Speed ​​and Good High Speed ​​fixed Internet services in your department? Arcep publishes an update of the My internet connection site with the data transmitted by the operators as of March 31, 2022. The departmental infographics of up-to-date broadband and very high-speed vouchers, data for the first quarter of 2022 are also available: Press release Arcep

• What maximum speed can you get at home and with which operator? Arcep updates its “my Internet connection” service (

Digital transition

• Securing the networks optical fiber could require more than 10 billion euros of investment according to the InfraNum report / The price to pay to bury half of the currently aerial network / The leaders of the sector assure that this would create 7,000 jobs. To the burial of the optical fiber, we must add the expenses related to securing critical equipment, or even the constitution of a stock of spare parts to deal with in the event of a problem / To these pecuniary demands, for which it is funding will have to be found, in addition to organizational recommendations. The authors of the report thus believe that a Grenelle of resilience should take place to “establish a national roadmap” (

• Ensuring the sustainability of infrastructures: the ambitions of players in the telecoms sector / Historical players in the telecoms market and the Banque des Territoires published this week a study to improve the sustainability of telecoms networks. They defend the burial of the most sensitive networks and the strengthening of infrastructure security by working with local authorities (

• Telecoms: Orange’s copper network, a treasure worth several billion euros / While fiber is gradually becoming the reference network for fixed Internet, Orange is preparing to start a vast project: that of shutting down then the dismantling of the copper network, used for telephones and ADSL / With the surge in the price of copper over the past two years, these infrastructures are worth, in terms of their metal weight alone, a fortune of 8.8 billion euros. An estimate that Orange considers “excessively high”. The operator will, in particular, have to subtract significant dismantling costs and the costs of reprocessing the cables / According to Arcep, the copper network “represents 400,000 km of civil engineering arteries, 18 million poles and 110 million pairs of kilometers of cables” (La Tribune)

• Operators are not done sitting on a copper mine! (

• “Fibre optics: more than half of New Caledonian Internet users surf at very high speed! / A major and structuring issue for New Caledonia, the deployment of optical fiber began in 2015. It aims to migrate all customers from the fixed copper network to fiber in 10 to 12 years, at no additional cost for them » : Press release Office of Posts and Telecommunications of New Caledonia

• The milestone of 35,000 Internet users connected to fiber has been reached in New Caledonia / On the side of our Polynesian neighbors, nearly 6,500 households will be connected in 2022 (Megazap)


• Telecoms: the mad escalation of data plans / Operators are multiplying their offers, but what is the interest for the consumer? / On average, a French subscriber uses 12 GB of data on the move, according to Arcep / We are touching a kind of telecom schizophrenia. On the one hand, operators have their foot on the brake pedal, they encourage their customers to adopt more virtuous practices and limit the use of data consumption in mobility and on the other, they open the floodgates wide , offer consumers access to data fighter planes, for the price of a hang-glider flight / This type of maxi-package nevertheless has an interest: their holder can consider doing without a fixed subscription to use only their mobile and therefore save money. But mobile networks consume more electricity than fixed – the old ADSL itself being less efficient than fiber (Le Figaro)

Approach and services : iOS 16 will allow spam SMS to be reported in seconds / The procedure for reporting a spam SMS is generally much slower. As indicated by Arcep on its site, the user must transfer the SMS by dialing the number 33700. An acknowledgment of receipt is automatically sent. Then you have to communicate the sending number of the issuer / On iOS 16, this process is much faster. With the reports collected, the operators will be able to take measures against the senders of unwanted SMS: “The telecom operators, on the basis of these reports, according to their recurrence and their seriousness, take sanctions against the senders of messages, ranging from until the premium rate numbers close”, explains Arcep (01Net)

• “ Internet shutdowns: United Nation Human Rights report details ‘dramatic’ impact on people’s lives and human rights / “Internet shutdowns have emerged as the digital world has become ever more important, indeed essential, for the realization of many human rights. Switching off the Internet causes incalculable damage, both in material and human rights terms,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet”: UN Statement

• Internet shutdowns create massive damage, warns the UN / Peggy Hicks, head of thematic engagement division, points out that it is difficult to collect information on the closures and, especially, on the measures more targeted such as blocking access to large online platforms, throttling bandwidth or throttling mobile services (AFP)

• Why the police and the gendarmerie will be able to pre-empt the 4G phone networks / New law enforcement smartphones will soon connect to private operators’ mobile networks. They will benefit from absolute priority in the event of saturation during a sporting event, in poorly covered areas or during an attack (Le Parisien)

Data – Innovations and foresight

• “The CNIL’s digital innovation laboratory publishes its 2022-2023 research program / This is based on four priority themes: the connection between data protection and environmental protection, the economy of data, day-to-day data protection and new forms of data collection”: CNIL press release

• “The CNIL presents the first edition of the Privacy Research Day organized on June 28, 2022 in Paris”: CNIL press release

Network funding

• Fair share gets serious: The EU is working to revamp its flailing 5G rollout and has Big Tech’s largest streaming and social media platforms in its crosshairs to help cover the cost / The European Commission plans to present a new Connectivity Infrastructure Act after the summer / It will include measures that oblige certain online platform services to contribute to the costs of 5G, one official said, adding it will also outline new efforts to lower the costs of broadband deployment / Perhaps the EU could have opted for a better acronym than “CIA ” (Politico)

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