Ryanair.  Flights to Morocco canceled this summer?

Ryanair. Flights to Morocco canceled this summer?

Concern is growing among travelers who have already bought their plane ticket from Ryanair, which announced its largest summer program to Morocco last March. The National Union of Commercial Aircrew (SNCPNC-FO Ryanair), which represents the French hostesses and stewards of this company, has filed an unlimited strike notice. Thus, flights to Morocco, Spain or Portugal could be canceled this summer.

The social rebellion in European airlines is gaining momentum. After the vitriolic letter from the French pilots of easyJet who denounced the chronic lack of staff and the chaos to come in the coming months, it is the staff of Ryanair who are calling for a massive strike this summer. In a statement, the union, SNCPNC-FO Ryanair, reports that talks over wage increases “have stalled”. Despite exchanges of emails as well as meetings which have taken place over the past two months, the low-cost company whose head office is based in Ireland “wishes a negotiation below the legal minimum”, specifies the SNCPNC-FO Ryanair. Other grounds for protest: the union deplores a “company that does not respect labor law”, nor “the civil aviation code, in particular rest times”. Consequently, the SNCPNC-FO adds that its “its only means of action” in the face of this situation is “a strike”.

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“The dates on which we will call to stop work will be communicated to the company in due course. It is however clear that in the line of sight will be the bridge of July 14 as well as the waves of departures and arrivals of the holidays of the summer visitors “can we read in the press release. So many travelers are asking themselves the same question: which destinations will be affected by this strike movement? According to BFM TV, it is in particular flights to Morocco, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Corsica or even England, Scotland and Ireland which could be threatened this summer.

This threat is brandished by Ryanair staff as the airline announced its largest summer schedule to Morocco last March, with 135 destinations and more than 370 weekly flights from 11 countries, including France, Morocco. Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom. This Ryanair 2022 summer program for Morocco should include 10 aircraft based (5 in Marrakech, 3 in Fez and 2 in Agadir), a billion dollar investment in Morocco, 135 routes in total, including 37 new destinations including, among others, Brussels, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Paris and Rome, more than 370 flights per week.

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This is not the only strike notice at Ryanair. Indeed, two Spanish unions representing the Hispanic cabin crew of Ryanair called for a strike on June 24, 25, 26, 30 and July 1 and 2, for the same reason: “improving working conditions”. Likewise, the Belgian, Italian and Portuguese unions of the low-cost company are also considering going on strike and could even coordinate their actions with France and Spain. In other words, they could agree to stop work on the same days.

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