Sarthe: meeting with the singer Gauvain Sers soon at the new Pop au Parc festival

Sarthe: meeting with the singer Gauvain Sers soon at the new Pop au Parc festival

The singer Gauvain Sers will be in concert in Sablé-sur-Sarthe (Sarthe) on Saturday July 2, 2022. ©Frank Loriou

His songs carry the voice of those we hear little. Gawain Sers shines with its simplicity and questions in its new opus released in 2021 on the place that we must occupy in our society.

By inviting the artist to the Main Stage of the Pop at the Park Festival Saturday, July 2, 2022, there is no doubt that the cultural association L’Entracte will manage to bring together the spectators in the park of the castle of Sable-sur-Sarthe (Sarthe) for this new summer event. Meeting with the singer.

Gauvain Sers, when we take a look at your summer tour, we realize that you will sing in many small towns in France like Sablé-sur-Sarthe… Is it important for you?

Yes, I like to vary the pleasures. We did a lot of tours this fall in the big cities, the big theaters. I enjoy going to places that are a little more isolated where people are less used to traveling.

I like the fact of reversing the roles a little and that it is the artists who go to see the people. Each time, we discover other places and a new audience.

What will be the device on stage in Sablé?

I am always surrounded by the same team of musicians. We are five on stage and twelve in all on the road.

Will the Sabolian public have the chance to meet you after the concert?

Normally, I try to make some signings. Having people come back directly at the end, there is nothing more touching. Seeing children coming to their first concert or grandparents accompanying them are images that make you want to continue.

You who sing about the daily life of simple people, do these encounters also constitute a source of inspiration?

Sure. I’m interested in talking about people’s real lives and trying to paint their portraits. Testimonials can be sources of inspiration. And then, it allows you to get out of the bubble in which you put yourself when you go on tour, to stay in real life.

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Your new album Your place in this world was partly written during confinement. What has this period changed in your texts?

We must have all been marked. There were maybe more questions, I think, in the songs. Questions that we do not necessarily ask ourselves in our life at a hundred miles an hour.

Once everything is at a standstill, we question a lot of things. Maybe that’s the backbone of this album. I also wanted to do the sequel to the first two, vary the themes and the emotions. I wanted to try to paint the world we live in, sometimes to talk about myself and often about others.

Speaking of which, perhaps your most personal song is She Was There…

It’s certain. I even hesitated to put it in the album and finally, I think it’s the one people prefer. The roofs of Paris also tells my story, that of the provincial kid who grew up in a somewhat remote place and who arrives in the capital with stars in his eyes.

In La France des gens qui passe, I am in the costume of the one who is watching, but it is still me who is there. Most of the time, I’m more of an observer.

In your pen, we feel that you also want to denounce social problems. In your opinion, can relying on concrete life experiences as you do in song help change things more quickly?

In any case, I think it’s the best way to denounce them, from an angle that won’t seem too instructive.

It allows you to use a crossroads that makes you become attached to the characters and try to understand them. Above all, it allows us to bring humanity back to subjects that are sometimes a little difficult.

If you wrote all the texts for this album, you also chose to surround yourself with Renaud Letang [producteur de Jane Birkin, Alain Souchon ou encore Manu Chao, NDLR]. Why ?

I wanted to change my habits, to have new ways of recording with new sounds. I knew he was going to take me into spheres that I did not necessarily know.

The guitar is a little less forward, but the keyboard is more. It was nice to take a small step aside for me on the 3rd album without distorting who I am.

And are you already thinking about the next one?

We take pleasure in discovering the songs of the 3rd in festivals where the public is a little less acquired than in the rooms. It’s a facet of the tour that I love. At the same time, I continue to write.

Practical: Gauvain Sers will be in concert on the main stage of Pop au Parc in the park of the castle of Sablé-sur-Sarthe on Saturday July 2 at 10:45 p.m. Free. All the festival programming can be found on the L’Entracte website.

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