SO MAY WE START? CANAL + CINEMA also celebrates music

Job by Marc Larcher June 20, 2022

Nine feature films, seven shorts, the vast majority of unreleased films and previews, with music, song and dance as rallying signs. Turn up the sound to the maximum, this week it’s allowed!

Huge program

“So may we start? » asked the group The Sparks microphone in hand last year in Cannes on the occasion of the presentation of the film ANNETTE by Leos Carax. Their wish has now been granted with the impressive programming of CANAL + CINEMA on the occasion of the Fête de la Musique. Hold on tight, no less than nine films and seven short films have been selected to extend the party. And there is heavy.

From NTM to Sparks to hip-hop dance

On June 18, we will be able to discover in preview and in exclusivity the impressive SUPREMES, biopic of the Suprême NTM group directed by Audrey Estrougo, which shows for the first time the beginnings of hip hop in France at the end of the 80s and the rise of JoeyStarr and Kool Shen. The next day, it’s another unreleased film, HAUT ET FORT by Nabil Ayouch, a film which features non-professional actors and tells how hip hop will change the lives of the regulars of a Casablanca cultural center. Moviegoers will only have eyes and ears for ANNETTE, the mind-blowing meeting between Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard filmed by Leos Carax. With an insane soundtrack where we find the voices of the actors alongside the Sparks. During this week of cinema, dance and music definitely serve as a way out with another new feature film released on June 19: FLY by Katja von Garnier, it’s the story of a young girl imprisoned after having provoked a serious accident and who will live again by taking dance lessons intended to rehabilitate prisoners.

The musical is everywhere

The next day, we change the register completely with a film by the Larrieu brothers, the authors among the favorites of the Cannes Film Festival. A true UFO, their TRALALA mixes musical comedy, French song and burlesque show with a prestigious cast: Maïwenn, Mathieu Amalric, Mélanie Thierry, Josiane Balasko and Bertrand Belin… During the film, everyone will push the song with sometimes delirious texts… For the famous day of June 21, it is a feature film with a hot temperament that CANAL + CINEMA broadcasts. TOM MEDINA is the latest creation from Tony Gatlif, prince of cinema gypsies, who this time plunges his fiery heroes into a Camargue manade. The next day, the temperature rises a little more with D’OU L’ON VIENT, a spectacular musical inspired by the New York show that has become cult by Lin-Manuel Miranda where we find the Puerto Rican soul of the Washington district. Heights.

The heatwave on screen

Young people will also be honored with FRAGILE, a sunny film which stages a complicated love story in Sète between Az and Jess (Oulaya Amamra, César for best female hope for DIVINES (2016). Then it will be the turn of the ultimate singer of love, Céline Dion, to be embodied by Valérie Lemercier in ALINE, an astonishing biopic where the actress and director embodies a sort of double of the singer at all ages of her life. focus on the nine short films presented this week. We are thinking in particular of the gore and political film BBQ, RAP NIGHT and its strange ninja girl, QUATORZE ANS by singer Barbara Carlotti or FANFARE where we come across the inimitable Thomas VDB In short or long format, this week will definitely be memorable!

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