street art in the spotlight in an unprecedented auction in Compiègne

street art in the spotlight in an unprecedented auction in Compiègne

Saturday June 18, the Actéon auction house in Compiègne is organizing a sale dedicated to urban art. Paintings, sculptures and designer furniture will be awarded to the highest bidders. Estimates range from 20 to 5,000 euros.

For 15 days, the Actéon auction house in Compiègne has taken on a facelift. On the walls and in the windows, street art has taken over the showroom. Pop photography, collage from comic books, industrial furniture from the 70s or even framed graffiti… In total, 410 works will go under the hammer of the auctioneer on Saturday June 18 from 2 p.m.

A 100% urban art catalog, a first for the auction room opened in 2018.

Among the 27 artists represented, we find great signatures of contemporary art such as Banksy, Keith Haring or even Jeff Koons. Original works, whose estimates soar up to 5 000 euros for some. But also lithographs (reproduction of work in limited edition). Those of Banksy are priced at 500 euros, but could reach heights. The last reproduction of the artist was sold by the compiégnoise room 1 600 euros.

The richness of urban art is its references to comic strips, comic book superheroes, TV series, punk rock and skateboarding. It speaks to everyone. And even if for the past ten years, the rating of street art has continued to climb, it is still accessible to all. The general public as well as the collector, details the auctioneer in charge of the sale, Me Philomène Wolf.

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Me Philomène Wolf evokes the general public aspect of street-art

©Pauline Lhermitte / FTV

Because the ambition is this: to dust off the image of auction sales by attracting a new public. “During the sale, the doors to the room will be wide open, unlike usual. The idea is good to call the street in the room“, emphasizes the auctioneer, who has seen new faces in her office for a few days. The duration of exhibition of works to the public before they are put on sale has also been modified: fifteen days instead of the traditional two.

If the auctioneers are used to being solicited by the owners of works of art, this time the approach was different. Since March, the Actéon Compiègne team has been out in the field, looking for works to sell.

It was while visiting the Transition Les Portes exhibition in Saint-Riquier, in the Somme, that Me Philomène Wolf found her happiness. 150 artists were presented and all, or almost, caught his eye: “we fell in love, aesthetically and emotionally speaking. So we contacted a large number of the artists exhibited to ask them to take part in the sale. The majority come from Hauts-de-France or Val d’Oise.

Such as the Samarian K-Yôo, the graffiti artist Juan Spray or the Compiégnois Spik who will produce a work live on Saturday, between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. Another artist, 2FLUI, from Val d’Oise, will also graffiti live. The creations will then be inserted into the auction.

baptized STREET ART EXPERIENCE #1, the sale dedicated to urban art could become an annual event. It is in any case the wish of Me Wolf, who would like to reproduce the experience from next June. To attract as many people as possible, the sale is also broadcast on the internet via the online auction site Interencheres.

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