Supply chain, un enjeu majeur pour  la logistique

Supply chain, a major challenge for logistics

In a context marked by the health crisis and geopolitical tensions

While the world has been living to the rhythm of uncertainties for at least two years, logistics and certain specialties such as the supply chain are more than ever at the forefront. In this sense, professionals in the logistics sector insist on the major issues related to the current economic situation. According to the managing director of PortNet SA, Youssef Ahouzi, securing the supply chain, and in particular supplies, transport, warehousing and storage, is now becoming a major issue. “The supply chain must demonstrate more than ever responsiveness, flexibility and resilience in all circumstances in order to meet the increasingly important demands and needs of businesses and populations,” said Mr. Ahouzi who was speaking. at the opening of the “Digital Meetings by PortNet”, as part of the 9th edition of the International Transport and Logistics Exhibition for Africa and the Mediterranean (Logismed). It must be said that certain constraints represent real challenges for logisticians. Today, “the challenge is to maintain, consolidate and accelerate collective efforts aimed at facilitating cross-border trade to enable the effective and efficient integration of the international supply chain”, assured Mr. Ahouzi.
And to explain that the implementation of community systems such as port community systems, cargo community systems and virtual one-stop shops as well as the use of new technologies constitute a real lever for the optimization and control of the complexity and multitude of flows and players in cross-border trade.

They thus allow greater agility in the evolution of logistics networks, production capacity and a certain synergy between the various links in the chain, he argued.
The PortNet Single Window, given its community governance and the collaborative nature of its digital services and its integrated coverage of foreign trade processes, has become, in a few years, a model and an international reference in the establishment of single windows. for foreign trade and community port and logistics systems, said Mr. Ahouzi.
To date, “we have set up around a hundred online services and all of these services are the result of the support and involvement of the entire community, in particular the logistics community”, said he noted.

And to recall, in this regard, the launch of the latest service to digitize all the processes upstream and downstream of the customs clearance of goods, namely the foreign exchange transaction with the shipping agent and the removal with the port operator. .
“And it is with the ultimate objective of being able to integrate all international procedures and all stakeholders to ensure a 100% digital experience for economic operators at all cross-border sea, air and land points. “, he concluded.
Placed under the theme “Digitalization, a simple evolution or a necessary revolution in a VUCA world”, Logismed 2022 dealt with the digitalization of the supply chain, a theme revealing the major market trends which will be supported by a program of conferences of high level.

Organized under the aegis of the Ministry of Transport and Logistics in partnership with the Moroccan Logistics Development Agency (AMDL), this edition was punctuated by several activities, including the Digital Meetings by PortNet SA, the Morocco Procurement Awards by AMCA, the Village Investissements & Territoires and the Hackathon by ADD.
Created in 2012, Logismed’s main objectives are to make an active contribution to the promotion of logistics culture in Morocco and the enhancement of trades in the sector, as well as in the creation of a sustained movement bringing together all the components of the logistics community. nationally.

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