Tangier: intense activity in the automotive industry

Tangier: intense activity in the automotive industry

The various industrial free zones of Tangier are in the process of taking advantage of the decisions to relocate in the automotive industry, favored by the war in Ukraine. Intense activity is noted in the industrial sector of the North region.

New installation, relocation, or increase in production capacity. The car manufacturing sector has experienced major movements in recent months in the various free zones of Tangier. This activity has increased considerably since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine.

Indeed, the conflict between Moscow and kyiv has forced some major manufacturers to redeploy to other countries, particularly Morocco. And here, it is naturally Tangier that emerges as the first destination platform for these relocations, due to its ideal geographical location, facing the European markets.

Skoda, Sumitomo…
Thus, in Tanger Free Zone (TFZ), for example, some large industries established there have experienced a considerable increase in their activities. This is particularly the case of SEBN-MA, which specializes in the manufacture of electrical harnesses for the automotive industry and a subsidiary of the Sumitomo Bordnetze group.

The Tangier company is now in charge of taking over for the manufacture of the components of the “Golf 8”. Still in Tangier, the Czech manufacturer, Skoda, has also decided to have the wiring harnesses for its “Octavia” and “Superb” car models manufactured there.

These decisions, taken in favor of the situation in Ukraine, obviously suit the free zones of the city of the strait. They are part of a dynamic of establishment of major operators in the ecosystem of the automotive industry.

…Martur Fompak
As of last March, it was the turn of the Turkish automotive supplier “Martur Fompak International” to inaugurate an industrial unit in Tangier Automotive City. Built on 38,487 m² of land, this plant, whose construction was supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade as part of the Renault ecosystem, required an investment of more than 340 MDH, and allows the creation of 1,150 jobs.

Specializing in the production of interior equipment (covers, headrests, armrests, etc.) and car seats, this factory, using the latest technologies in the field, aims to meet the growing needs of car manufacturers established in Morocco, mainly Renault.

Still in Tanger Automotive City, but in activities related to the automotive sector, Emirates Logistics, a subsidiary of the Emirati Sharaf group, inaugurated a new logistics center on Friday June 10. This center “offers just-in-time logistics services on finished products, raw materials and spare parts, for industrial companies”, says Emirates Logistics.

The new center, continues the same source, employs a workforce of 100 people and offers a storage capacity of 15,000 pallets, with a secure mezzanine for the management of 10,000 boxes of electronic parts and 14 docks allowing an incoming and outgoing flow of 80 trucks. per day.

Flow up in Tanger Med
Moreover, speaking of trailers, at exit points such as the Tangier Med port, maritime professionals are observing a considerable increase in trailer movements. This is not unrelated to the increase in export activities in the automotive sector.

According to a source active in the port and logistics sector, an average of 1,000 trailers intended for export per day are recorded in Tangier Med. This will surely make it possible to exceed the bar of 410,000 trailers registered in 2021, or even to reach a new milestone, which will be beyond 500,000 trailers in 2022. Case to follow!

Abdellah Benahmed / ECO Inspirations

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