Tattoos, stars, permaculture… the projects of Louise Bourrat, the winner of Top Chef 2022

It was Louise Bourrat who won the final of Top chef on M6, June 15. The young chef based in Portugal won against Arnaud Delvenne.

It was she who pulled the knife with the steel blade on Wednesday evening. Louise Bourrat won Top chef on M6, at the end of the 13th season of the culinary programme. The candidate faced in the final Arnaud Delvenne, whose altruism and kindness marked the public. She won the dinner event for 80 Red Cross volunteers at the George V. Louise Bourrat is the third woman to win the culinary competition, after Stéphanie Le Quellec in 2011 and Naoelle d’Hainaut in 2013. The chef mentioned some of his projects.

• Tattoo Hélène Darroze

After Mohamed Cheikh last year and David Gallienne in 2020, this is the third consecutive victory for one of Hélène Darroze’s foals. The chef has, like last year, established a very close relationship with the candidate. Louise Bourrat, who has tattooed several of her fellow candidates, has thus converted the starred chef to tattoos and intends to tattoo stars on her, as she told the Parisian this Thursday.

“But I have to buy myself a machine, I do it with a needle, by hand, but I have a little more the will to tattoo Hélène Darroze than to tattoo the other candidates, the issue is not is not the same“, she explains on a daily basis.

If Hélène Darroze is considering taking the plunge, it is also to follow her team.

“In fact, it was her team in London at Connaught, who got a tattoo of three stars when they got the third, explained Louise Bourrat to Télé 7 Jours. But she refused to do it. There, she also got three stars in Paris so the idea tickles her.”

• Stars in Portugal

To taste the cuisine of Louise Bourrat, you have to go to Portugal. Of Portuguese origin, Louise Bourrat has a restaurant in Lisbon, Boubou’s, which she runs with her brother. The young chef aims to become the first starred woman in the country, as she confided this Thursday at the microphone of Yves Calvi on RTL.

“I am not someone who runs after the stars. [Mais] I would like a woman to get a star in Portugal, because there is none. I think I’m probably the only one who can claim it today.”

• A new address in the countryside

Louise Bourrat, who won 56,190 euros, no longer has “too much to worry about” for her restaurant. “It will bring me a kind of serenity, I know that the restaurant will be full for the months, even years to come”, she confides to the Parisian.

If projects are still unclear, as she indicated to Télé-Loisirs, Louise Bourrat still has desires for nature.

“I’m thinking about moving to the countryside, in Portugal, to build my house there. I would like to live in a simple way, with my vegetable garden, my chickens, my dogs and my cats!”

“I plan to open another place, a kind of estate with permaculture gardens, where you can taste what grows on site.”

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