the 13 best employers 2022 in Morocco revealed

the 13 best employers 2022 in Morocco revealed

Dell, Roche, Groupe Banque Centrale Populaire du Maroc, Hilti, Alsa, Nestlé, Pharma 5, Les Eaux Minérales d’Oulmès, CDG Capital, Coface, BSH Appliances, Comdata, Asma Invest are among the Best Employers in Morocco for the year 2022.

The winners of the “Best Places to Work in Morocco 2022” program are now known!! This international business certification program has been organized for 12 years in Morocco and aims to pay tribute to companies that stand out for the quality of their HR policies and practices and the commitment of their employees. Despite the difficult global context marked over the past two years by the Covid-19 pandemic, the results illustrate the various actions taken by several employers in Morocco to support employees on a personal and professional level.

In the category of companies with less than 100 employees, Hilti Morocco obtained the first position. Subsidiary of an international group, the company is a world leader in portable power tools for construction, building and industry professionals. In a statement by Ilham Messaoudi, Managing Director Morocco, she said “We are aware that human capital is the key to the success of any business, for this we always remain close to our employees and ensure their well-being by putting put in place all the necessary elements to support them, whether for the performance of their day-to-day work, or for the development of their careers over the long term. Accomplishing this mission in a family atmosphere is at the heart of Hilti Morocco’s priorities”. BSH Appliances obtained the second position, followed by Asma Invest.

In the category of companies between 101 and 300 employees, Roche Maroc won the first position, followed by Coface and CDG Capital. In a statement by Sanaa Sayagh, General Manager Roche Maroc, she said “I am very happy with this recognition which reflects the symbiosis of our employees with their company and the spirit in which we work to continue to give the best of ourselves- same. Our employees are our greatest and most precious asset, offering them an environment where they feel listened to, at ease to express themselves, innovate and best accomplish their mission is one of our main priorities. »

In the category of companies between 301 and 1,500 employees, Nestlé Morocco won the first position, followed by Mineral Waters of Oulmès and Pharma 5. In a joint statement by Myriam and Yasmine LAHLOU FILALI, CEO of Pharma 5 “La Certification 2022 “Best Place to Work in Morocco” obtained by Pharma 5 confirms that the well-being of our employees is more than a concept; this is a priority rooted in Pharma 5’s mission, which is to provide access to healthcare for everyone, starting with our employees. The well-being of all is at the heart of the spirit of the Pharma 5 family which is sacred to each of us. »

In the category of companies with more than 1,501 employees, Dell Morocco won the first position, followed by Groupe Banque Centrale Populaire, Comdata Maroc and Alsa. In a statement by Didier Manzari, CEO of Comdata Morocco and Barcelona “It is a real honor to receive this award again. This certification is above all the voice of our employees who guide us each year by pushing us to always reinvent ourselves to develop their satisfaction. Because we are convinced that the employee experience is the main pillar of our company’s performance, we are delighted to once again obtain this recognition. It encourages us to invest even more in the fields of internal communication, leadership, career development and social progress. It is a major challenge for us to satisfy everyone by offering them an environment conducive to their performance and well-being at work. »

Each year, the program assesses the quality of life at work in several companies in Morocco using a rigorous and transparent methodology. First, an HR assessment compiling all managerial practices in the service of well-being at work and a second anonymous assessment addressed to employees around 8 themes including company culture, management leadership, opportunities for learning and HR practices.

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