Le désir de voir prend corps à Vichy (Allier)  avec Portrait(s)#10

The desire to see takes shape in Vichy (Allier) with Portrait(s)#10

A hip-hop performance by Supreme Legacy to set the spectators’ bodies in motion.
Recognized or emerging international photographers invited for Portrait(s)#10 dialogue with the body, the light, the gaze. Thirteen exhibitions, including ten at the Palais des Congrès-Opéra, which lends its setting for the first time, and three outside. So many new looks at humans that will make people’s eyes swing until September 4.
This summer, in Vichy, the body in motion will make the emotions of visitors dance. The portrait echoes beauty, the strange, family, poetry, the circus, sadness, gambling, family, others.

Portrait(s) #10, thirteen exhibitions at the Palais de Congrès and outdoors in Vichy (Allier)

Vis à vis by Henricke Stahl and Eric Poupy.
Narrative photography, documentary or fiction, hybrid forms, it sometimes unites with music, videos, voice. Multiple arts therefore come together for this 10th edition through a colorful or black and white ballet.
In this multifaceted wandering, take a break in front of One more dance Before they take the light away film by Christophe Acker made with dance schools in Vichy, skaters, a rider, young people on motorbikes, during his residency. An ode to the body in the city, between sky and ground, between softness and energy, verticality and horizontality.

Director Christophe Acker is making a film about Vichy and its inhabitants. Portrait of a city on the move (Allier)

Behind the scenes by ninth graders from the Célestins college in Vichy as part of Portrait(s) invites itself to school.
This photographic journey is to be continued on the esplanade of Lake Allier with Omar Victor Diop who combines portraiture, his taste for staging and costume. Place Saint-Louis, a selection of intimate portraits and family portraits. And forecourt of the station images of the residence of Christophe Acker.

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A dialogue between the visitor’s gaze and that invited by the photographers invited to this anniversary edition at the Palais des Congrès-Opéra and in the city.

See you this Saturday, June 25.
At 10 o’clock opening of outdoor exhibitions. Departure from the Palais des Congrès-Opéra and stroll in front of the Saint-Louis church, then towards the exhibition of Omar Victor Diop on the esplanade of Lake Allier.
At 11 o’clock signature of the photographers invited to the Palais des Congrès (Bar de l’Horloge).
11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ephemeral photo studio, come and have your portrait taken! on the Opera stage, by photographers Christophe Darbelet and Nicolas Anglade (free).

Fabienne Faurie; Photos Dominica Parat


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