Tanger : L’environnement sous la loupe du Club des dirigeants Maroc

The environment under the magnifying glass of the Morocco Leaders Club

This unique event, organized on the occasion of the celebration of World Environment Day, aims to contribute to the efforts made by Morocco, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, in terms of sustainable development, and its is part of the implementation of the national sustainable development strategy (SNDD), which aims to accelerate the transition to a green and sustainable economy.

It also aims to promote the efforts made both by local authorities and by the industrial fabric of the region, in this sector which is one of the pillars of the circular economy and sustainable development.

Speaking on this occasion, the regional president of the CDD, Ilyass El Akkari, underlined that this awareness day constitutes a platform for the exchange of expertise and experiences with a view to making it an appointment for consultation. in the field of the environment and sustainable development.

The objective, he continued, is to work to unite the efforts of players operating in the field of management and recovery of solid waste, atmospheric pollution, liquid discharges, marine pollution and biodiversity, noting that this event is an opportunity to learn about the efforts undertaken by the public authorities, the evolution of technologies and good practices in these areas, as well as the prospects for development and the creation of green jobs .

For his part, the president of the CDD’s Q3SE commission, Tarik Essaid, indicated that this event aims to shine the spotlight on environmental issues of public interest, such as waste management, wastewater treatment and marine pollution. , noting that the promotion of economic development is based on this collective awareness of the need to preserve the environment and respond to ecological imperatives, in a responsible and sustainable way.

The regional vice-president of the CDD, Nawal Benhaddou, for her part, noted that this event aims to promote the environmental responsibility of companies, pointing out that the preservation of the environment is the responsibility of all actors in society.

Speaking during the 1st panel, the regional director of the environment, Lhoussine Khidour, presented a presentation in which he addressed the problem of waste in Morocco and the state of progress of the legislative and regulatory texts in the matter, and in light of the objectives of the national waste reduction and recovery strategy and the current state of development of the waste streams.

After recalling that the use of the circular economy represents a key project in the sustainable management of waste and constituted a reference for the launch of the National Waste Recovery Program (PNVD), he made it known that the circular economy is beneficial for both companies and waste managers.

As for Lotfi Chraibi, professor at the National School of Applied Sciences of Tangier (ENSAT), he presented a presentation in which he explained that the circular economy aims to optimize the use of materials and energies, noting that it constitutes a necessity and a social responsibility.

And to specify that the CE covers 3 areas of action, namely “supply and economic actors”, “demand and consumer behavior” and “waste management”, noting that all the actors of the society are invited to contribute to the development of an EC favorable to the creation of green jobs, through a systemic and contextual approach, in order to enable Morocco to meet the challenges relating to the achievement of the 2030 SDGs and the NSDS .


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