The great return of the Festival de Petit-Cap to revitalize the northern sector of Gaspé

The great return of the Festival de Petit-Cap to revitalize the northern sector of Gaspé

After a complete cancellation in 2020 and a reduced version in 2021, the five members of the organizing committee were very happy to reopen the festival to the public, which takes place from June 23 to 25.

It’s wonderful to see people come together and come together. Many people from the city descend to see their families and celebrate togethermarvels Marie-Pierre Cloutier, one of the founders of the festival.

The country in the spotlight

Created in 2017, the Festival de Petit-Cap’s mission is to revitalize the northern sector of the city of Gaspé. We found that there was a lack of activities for locals in our areashe explains.

Although many large-scale summer events already exist in the MRC of the Côte-de-Gaspé, such as the Festival en chansons de Petite-Vallée or the Festival Musique du bout du monde, the organizing committee wanted to stand out with a program with country and rock accents.

Our community loves country, and yet it’s a musical style not very present in other festivalssays Marie-Pierre Cloutier.

We know our people very well, they are party people! So we want families to come see us to celebrate and dance. »

A quote from Joanie Cloutier, member of the organizing committee

Not just music

On the sidelines of the musical shows, the festival ignites during the day with its very popular competition of “tires de pickup during which trucks rush down a steep path in the land adjacent to the site.

A plate is placed on which cement abutments are placed to create several categories for the competition – quarter ton, half ton, up to one ton. The goal to win is to get as far as possible while carrying the biggest load possible.explains festival co-organizer Joanie Cloutier.

Attract staff

The Petit-Cap Festival has not been spared by the labor shortage that is rife throughout the province. However, he was able to receive help from local businesses to find volunteers.

There are companies that ask their employees to come and help us. Otherwise, other people arrive as reinforcements when they see that we are in the juicesays Marie-Pierre Cloutier, very grateful for the mutual aid present in the community.

Preparation of the stage under the big white marquee, in anticipation of the last evening of the Festival de Petit-Cap, which will bring together Canadian country artists Matt Lang and Dan Davidson.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Guillaume Whalen

The festival, which has a budget of $150,000, of which about $80,000 is for artist fees, cannot afford to offer financial incentives to attract more workers.

The committee still managed to find enough staff. A hundred volunteers ensure the smooth running of the event for three days.

The organizing committee hopes that 1200 people will attend the last evening of the festival.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Guillaume Whalen

5e Petit-Cap Festival ends Saturday night with country music by Matt Lang, followed by Dan Davidson, two Canadian artists. The organizing committee expects to receive 1200 people for this last evening.

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