The ICT Spring International Tech Conference is back!

D-9 before the big return ofICT Spring ! After two years of health restrictions, the International Tech Conference – proposed by the group farvest – returns face-to-face on June 30 and July 1 at LuxExpo the Box, in Luxembourg. Focus on this promising event, of which the media J’ai un pote dans la com is a partner!

ICT Spring 2022: a key event

This event is an opportunity to attend inspiring conferences, discover the latest trends and innovations through exhibitions and demonstrations, meet renowned experts from the digital, science and technology sectors; but also to enjoy an exceptional evening on June 30, during the ICT Spring Party.

Not less than 140 speakers will be gathered on this occasion. Among them we can cite the experts from Google, TechCrunch, FutureWorld Foundation, UBS, N26, ESA, Spire, Infinity Reality, Microsoft, Web3 foundation, Zoom, or VISA. Likewise, renowned personalities will also be present, such as Tony Parker, Sophie Lacoste, Catherine Barba, astronauts Ed Lu and Ron Garan, Luxembourg ministers Franz Fayot and Marc Hansen.

I have a friend in the com is also a partner of the event! Valentin Richardot and Laurent Garrouste will lead the workshop “Content marketing: how to make the difference in the digital era?” » (Where “Content marketing: how to stand out in the all-digital era?” »). The goal? Address the challenges of web, editorial, audio or video content. To do this, our friends in the com will discuss the general enthusiasm for snack content (Reels Insta, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, etc.), the success of branded podcasts as well as the strengths of branded media.

“Beyond Frontier”

This year, the theme discussed on the main stage on the first day also reflects the ambition of ICT Spring: “Beyond Frontier” (that is ” across borders “). How are new technologies redefining boundaries between the real and virtual worlds ? This is the central problem formulated. 100 exhibitors will try to answer them, with the various international delegations. It should be noted that workshop sessions to deepen current topics will be offered.

Photo credit: Farvest

Innovation in Payments

the ICT Spring FinTech Summit will help to better understand:

  • the challenges of traditional financial services
  • how data helps drive payments innovation and customer experience
  • the opportunities offered by the Web 3.0 and cryptocurrencies

A special session will also discuss FinTech ecosystems around the world and the main priorities of this sector today.

Digital Economy Conference

Topics related to TIC are at the heart of the agenda! During these two days, participants will be able to learn more about the strategies of companies in terms of data. Cybersecurity and European digital sovereignty, key current topics, will be the main themes of the first day. On July 1, ICT professionals will share their knowledge on strengthening supply chains to better respond to emergency situations. They will also offer insight into health services powered by new technologies.

This year, ICT Spring will also organize a Healthcare Gala Dinner with senior professionals from Luxembourg. The idea? Propose another unique moment of sharing, as well as a Luxembourg Healthcare Awards ceremony.

Photo credit: Farvest

Immersion in the startup ecosystem and the power of communities

The main stage of the second day will be entirely dedicated to entrepreneurs through inspiring and practical sessions on various themes. How to become a super entrepreneur? Why do ecosystems matter more than unicorns? What is the role of incubators in stimulating innovation and financing within companies? How to measure innovation and use it to address global challenges? The event aims to answer all these questions.

Space Conference

Space, one of the leading sectors in development and supported by the Luxembourg government, is also one of the topics discussed during ICT Spring. It will be the perfect opportunity to understand how secure connectivity can strengthen the technological sovereignty of the EU and how society can benefit from space technologies.

Provide an unforgettable experience for visitors

In the exhibition area, companies will offer new and immersive experiences. To name a few: there are spaces dedicated to virtual and augmented reality, metaverse demonstrations, exploration of brain-related potential and 3D body scanning.

This 2022 edition is full of novelties! Farvest has partnered with National Artist SUMO, who has created a collection of digital characters titled “Beyond Frontier”. The idea is to democratize the understanding of the use of NFTs and take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to own a unique work of art. A phygital experience allowing participants to securely create their first wallet (with The Safe Box), access virtual exposure in the metaverse (with VIZZ) and receive additional information on cryptocurrency market opportunities from The LHoFT.

Finally, participants will be able to use the event application to prepare their course, thanks to the exclusive collaboration with the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and the organization of its International Business Meetings by B2Fair.

This ambitious program makes ICT Spring an unmissable event for Luxembourg and beyond!

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