The Ivorian director (of Martinican origin) Johan'a Dilolo, screenwriter and lighting designer, embodies the new face of the show

The Ivorian director (of Martinican origin) Johan’a Dilolo, screenwriter and lighting designer, embodies the new face of the show

The Ivorian producer, director, screenwriter Johan’a Dilolo is in an artist residency at Tropiques Atrium in Fort-de-France. She works as a light designer with the Compagnie Mémoire d’eau directed by Gloriah Bonheur, on the Kuma, élektro, djez project, a contemporary multidisciplinary work.

At the end of June 2022 at Tropiques Atrium, Gloriah Bonheur in residence Tremplin offers music, dance, theater and cinema through a show Kuma, élektro, diez or the meeting between Martinique, Haiti and the ‘Africa.

This show sets in motion the Caribbean which opens up to its Africanness, its history, its identity and its deep roots.

Designing creation means projecting oneself and finding the best talents of the moment with the same goal of progress for an aesthetic unity. For this communion, Gloria Bonheur called on the director and lighting designer Johan’a Dilolo.

Between cinema and lights, Johan’a excels

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Born in Abidjan in 1988, (of Martinican origin) Johan’a Dilolo is a respected director, screenwriter and lighting designer, whose stated objective remains the enhancement of quality cinema. A brilliant student, she has always been attracted to the seventh art.

When I was a child, each film was for me a source of creation. I invented a sequel for each film. This attitude played a major role in my choice of discipline.

Johan’a Dilolo, director, screenwriter, lighting designer

She grew up with this idea in mind. At 16, she left her country, Côte d’Ivoire, affected by conflict and moved to Morocco to continue her secondary education.

After her literary baccalaureate, the young woman flew to France, for university studies. A brilliant student, in 2009 she obtained a degree in Modern Letters with an option in image studies (Cinema and semiotics of the image).

From then on, the cinematographic fever reached Johan’a. She let herself be carried away by the magic of this art by joining the school of the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français (CLCF). After 2 years, she obtained the diploma of assistant director.

During these years spent at CLCF, I experienced the transition between film and digital. I was able to juggle between the two great schools and experience totally different constraints. It was very educational for me. I learned the rigor of work and the culture of getting by

A career opens up to her. On the strength of her achievements, Johan’a Dilolo co-created the director’s collective, Effet Phi, within which she wrote and directed music videos and short films.

Among his creations are three music videos (2010, 2013, 2015) for the funk/rock group Third Clouds, institutional films and several short films (“Si d’Aventure”, “Akwaba”, “Abduction”).

But it is “Entre-Deux”, in 2019, distributed by Gonella Productions and acclaimed on the YouTube video sharing platform with more than 700,000 views, which ensures its notoriety.

In this context of prolific creation, Johan’a Dilolo trained in the seductive profession of lighting designer in Parisian theaters, working with several companies.

Light designer and technical director, she signs “L’Ecole des Super-Héros”. in 2019 then “the hands of the puppeteers” in 2020.

movie theater

It’s all in the look and the perception to bring the light to life


Through his creations, Johan’ has seduced the public with his scenic vision and his way of using light as a narrative medium in its own right. The woman from Abidjan became a sought-after light designer for shows, including that of Gloria Bonheur at Tropiques Atrium.

After Martinique, Johan’a Dilolo returns to Ivory Coast to prepare to shoot 8 52-minute thrillers on which she is co-screenwriter and co-director.

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Johan’a Dilolo, Ivorian director of Martinican origin

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