The LabelVie Group sets up its first Carrefour Market Gourmet in Marrakech

The LabelVie Group sets up its first Carrefour Market Gourmet in Marrakech

And three! After the great success of the stores Carrefour Market Gourmet from Casablanca and Rabat, the LabelVie Group is inaugurating a new one in Marrakech, in the heart of the Carré Eden Shopping Center, in the Guéliz district. Redesigned over 1650 m2 in a warm setting and refined, this “urban chic” version of the Carrefour Market gives pride of place to fresh products and offers a completely revised customer journey and a revisited checkout process. This opening illustrates once again the group’s ability to adapt to meet the expectations of customers looking for innovation, new products, but also simplicity in terms of the purchasing process.

A unique shopping experience in Morocco

Inside this completely transformed Carrefour Market Gourmet, everything has been redesigned to avoid feeling like a large supermarket. The architecture, design and decoration of the store have been studied down to the smallest detail. To this resolutely contemporary atmosphere, the group has brought a local touch by integrating materials and typically Moroccan motifs (wooden shelves, walls decorated with moucharabieh motifs, dimmed lights, sound and olfactory atmospheres, etc.) in order to restore sensory pleasure. shopping that Moroccan customers continue to enjoy in the souks. Throughout a skilfully studied customer journey, staging and assortments are there to recall the spirit of consumption of yesteryear and the terroir.

An enriched and varied product offer

The offer has been enriched with 1,500 references and emphasizes local products and organic farming with more than 700 organic product references. Fine groceries, high-end brands and especially fresh products are the stars of the store with a presentation area representing 50% of the sales area. Thus, in the early fruits and vegetables section, “zero kilometer” productions are in the spotlight with a reinforced regional offer intended to highlight local producers. The concept also has a fresh and seasonal fruit juice stand, a traditional butcher’s service, a nebulized fishmonger’s stall and more than 300 cold cuts and cheeses. The other highlights are the areas entirely dedicated to dietetics, gluten-free or niche products (mochi, sugar-free ice cream) specially referenced by the store, a dried fruit stand and a wine cellar at the height of the store. ‘together. Without forgetting the main novelty: the beauty area, revised and expanded, which even offers the luxury of hosting a make-up stand. In fact everything has changed, except the prices!

Quality service

The privileged catchment area of ​​Carré Eden, the chic mall of the ocher city, allows the LabelVie Group, through the concept Carrefour Market Gourmet, to push the qualitative offers and to multiply the services to the customers. To guarantee maximum comfort in the store at each stage of the customer journey, the number of staff has been increased with the recruitment of nearly 100 employees. 220 hours of practical and theoretical training were also provided to all trades and in particular to cashiers in order to improve fluidity and save time, such as carrying groceries to the car.

Renowned partners

Another specificity of this concept: to join forces with recognized brands in the catering sector renowned for their know-how, present in the form of shop-in-shops. Like Mon Quotidien, for the traditional bakery and pastry shop and the caterer, the Japanese gastronomy specialist Matsuri, the butcher-caterer-roaster Cocotte, or the organic ice cream parlor Lovely Sheep. In short, enough to now take as much satisfaction in shopping for food as shopping for pleasure.

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