The Magic Hour of Inès Longevial ​​at the Jacobins in Agen

The Magic Hour of Inès Longevial ​​at the Jacobins in Agen

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The summer exhibition at the Church of the Jacobins unveils the masterful works of the Agenaise Inès Longevial. A rising star of contemporary art acclaimed in the USA and Asia represented by the Ketabi Bourdet gallery in Paris.

From June 25 to September 11, the Jacobins church in Agen is hosting the summer exhibition entitled “The Magic Hour of Inès Longevial” which is organized by the Museum of Fine Arts.

Born in Agen in 1990, Inès Longevial ​​works with drawing and painting by feeding on impressions, feelings, sensations that she seeks to translate into her palette. The artist explores the human through these faces and bodies with vitaminized colors that come alive under his brush, giving them almost the qualification of landscapes. She frees herself from traditional codes, forbidding no eccentricity, both in her chromatic choices and in the poses taken by the subjects of her paintings. Squares sometimes punctuate the proportions of the subjects and the composition of the canvas. His works exude power and undeniably character in the expressiveness and force lines of the faces. Nudity is approached with gentleness but also a touch of realism.

From the self-portrait to other women’s faces

Sensitive to art since her earliest childhood, Inès Longevial ​​moved to Paris at the age of twenty-three after obtaining a higher diploma in Applied Arts in Toulouse. Fascinated by the creations of the great masters of the 20th century, such as Pablo Picasso, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Georgia O’Keeffe, Vincent Van Gogh or even Niki de Saint Phalle, she draws inspiration from them in her creative process while developing her own style. pictorial, favoring the genre of the self-portrait. His work is particularly focused on capturing faces, treating skin with bright colors, intense pinks and bluish shadows.

Since 2020, the artist has allowed himself to paint other faces, essentially familiar and always feminine, with, in particular, the series of twelve small incandescent formats entitled Magic hour.

Very popular on social networks with 349 K subscribers (349,000) including a significant number of galleries, Inès Longevial, with family roots from Agen, has established herself as a rising and then recognized figure in French contemporary art. She exhibits her works in the United States, Germany and France and currently in Tokyo in Japan. For this first exhibition in her native land, the artist offers the Agenais public a collection of more than sixty paintings and drawings by young and old. and very large formats, some of which were specially created for the site of the Jacobins church. The portraits presented in the nave of the Jacobins church, in small and large formats, show faces with magnetic gazes, bodies in motion, body fragments that translate an emotion, an atmosphere, the play of light on the skin. The colors, bright and warm or colder, evolve according to the season or the time of day.

It is to the credit of the museum to present a rising figure of contemporary art in his early thirties who is closely followed by authorized circles.

Find the prices as well as the program of all visits and activities on the museum’s website, agenda section:

His other exhibitions

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