TV nostalgia: David Savard, a fan of the 1970s

TV nostalgia: David Savard, a fan of the 1970s

The richness, inventiveness and audacity of 1970s television delighted David Savard on several occasions. The actor had his eyes full in front of the small screen, to such an extent that he was quick to immerse his children in an animated universe which had greatly seduced him.

David, which youth program is one of those that have made a lasting impression on you?

You Hou [André Cartier et Pierre Curzi y tenaient la vedette à Radio-Canada, NDLR] is one of the first shows I can remember. It was completely blown with such mind-blowing wallpapers. The 1970s at their best!

What are your fondest childhood TV memories?

I remember Saturday lunchtimes when I watched bugs bunny (looney tunes) and my parents served us cream soda with a scoop of ice cream in it. Oh, it’s been a long time! Just thinking about it makes me feel…

Did you watch a lot of TV when you were young?

Yes ! As in many families at the time, the TV was always on in our house… I also have memories of different times, of when I returned from school and of evenings where, depending on who of me and my little brothers or of my parents watched TV, the shows were scrolling by… There was Bobino, The Satellipopettes, Master key, The 5 o’clock train, Les Tannants, Ad Lib

Is there still a song from a show that sticks in your mind?

The songs of Japanese cartoons, like those of the series The Little Beaver, In candy country, Grendizer and Demetanare unforgettable tunes!

Is there a character you would have liked to play for children?

As a young actor, I had auditioned to play in a new series for teens whose texts seemed to be completely crazy. This show has become a cult series… I would have loved to play any character from In a galaxy near you !

What universe did you want your children to discover?

I really liked the animated series Once upon a time… the man [diffusée à la fin des années 1970 par Radio-Canada] which told the history of humanity in a simple and amusing way. I introduced it to my kids when they were little and they loved it! My 18 year old guy, who is as nostalgic as me, still listens to it on occasion!

What do you think of today’s youth TV?

I find that youth TV has regained vigor and is allowing itself more and more fantasy and madness without losing its educational role. It’s a happy mix!

♦ The arrival of autumn will make it possible to discover family fiction Like chicken heads (Télé-Québec) for which David Savard will hold one of the main roles alongside Mélanie Pilon. On the boards, the actor will lend his features to the millionaire Oliver Warbucks in the musical Annea classic revisited by director Serge Denoncourt, which will come back to life on June 22 at the Théâtre St-Denis in Montreal.

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