Twitter reacts positively to Bulls' draft pick Dalen Terry

Twitter reacts positively to Bulls’ draft pick Dalen Terry

The Chicago Bulls selected Dalen Terry from Arizona with the 18th pick in the 2022 NBA Draft.

Normally, during any type of draft, the reaction on social media varies from one extreme to another. People either really like the pick or they really don’t.

When it comes to the Bulls and Terry, the consensus was overwhelmingly a positive one with a few mixed reactions sprinkled in.

Some were incredibly positive even going so far as to say the Bulls got a steal with the 18th overall pick.

Others were more measured but still considered the pick a positive one.

Rarely does a draft pick receive a unanimous vote of approval. But even the most pessimistic ones from Bulls’ fans ranged from mild to borderline neutral.

Those down on the pick were more concerned with what it meant for the health of other players such as Lonzo Ball.

If nothing else, Bulls’ fans will like the confidence Terry will bring to the team. He’s not afraid to show it on the court. Judging by his comments after being drafted, he certainly feels like he has something to prove.

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