Unusual in Sarthe.  He launches a mini festival of humor and songs... in the courtyard of his house

Unusual in Sarthe. He launches a mini festival of humor and songs… in the courtyard of his house

Paul Cherel, 72, artist, is launching a mini festival around five values: friendliness, proximity, solidarity, humanity and simplicity, at his home in Saint-Martin-des-Monts in Sarthe. ©Carine ROBINAULT

Claude Cherel is an artist. Clown, saxophonist, mime… He has more than one skill to his credit. For health reasons, he had to give up the stage since the end of 2019. But he missed the contact, the public. And the Covid hasn’t helped! His return to the spotlight, he will do so in an intimate setting, the friday 1er and Saturday July 2, 2022, at his home in Saint-Martin-des-Monts. It’s here, in the courtyard of his pavilionimpasse Bellevue, in this small village of 175 inhabitants that he decided to launch his mini festival. A pocket theater somehow. And he will not be alone on the poster for “L’impasse festive”, his humoristic musical festival.

The alchemy of encounters

“The genesis of this festival is the alchemy of encounters,” he blurts out among the wooden pallets, in the shade of the parasol. Meanwhile, a former neighbor continues to take the measurements. The palette scene is already well advanced. But other improvements are in progress.

My first meeting was Paul Tual, who ran a gîte in Saint-Maixent. I was supposed to celebrate my 70th birthday there two years ago but the Covid canceled everything. But we sympathized. When he started his business selling Nordic spas in Connerré, I helped him.

Claude Cherel, organizer of “L’impasse festive”

So the coming of Paul, by his artist name Juste Paul, to his festival, it almost sounded obvious. A fair return of things, in a way.

I had attended a small festival he organized called Les Fragiles and I had met several artists. I saw that we could do simple things, in conviviality and proximity. And the second meeting is Annie Yver, from the garden of Saint-Aubin, near Mamers, who is doing her little pocket theater, a show at the inhabitant’s.

Claude Cherel

The idea made its way, for two years

The idea runs through his head. For two years, he even ruminates. “I created the posters, I talked to the artists I knew about them and they were all ready to come. “Up to doubt. “You had to dare to do it. » Start the machine. “In Saint-Martin, there is nothing. How it was going to be received, I didn’t know. »

Finally, according to Claude, the neighborhood is delighted to see the town come alive. “I want to create a happy bubble in Saint-Martin” he smiles, cap screwed on his head. He then created an association, Vivalavida shares to set up his small open-air pocket theatre.

Vaslo headlining

Since then, he has been busy putting everything in place before welcoming Vaslo, his headliner. “He comes in a trio with a violinist and a drummer. He is starting to be well known! »

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Cherell, songwriter and performer from Angers will be present for a voice guitar. And other artists, Juste Paul, Pierrot 3003, Seb Sim, Hubert Le Maréchal and Claudio will also perform.

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“On the big stage. And on the little one, there will be Les Baltringues, Cie Ephémère, father, son and Saint-Esprit. that’s Hubert and me. He will be on vocal guitar, and I will be a clown, mime and saxophonist. We will be on the small stage to provide entertainment, with a humorous touch between two scenes. »

And if Claude absolutely does not know what to expect from the public side, he has nevertheless set a maximum gauge of 150 spectators. Who will be able to enjoy a refreshment bar and a food-truck on site (O’Carpe Diem), on Saturday evening, between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. The Friday evening will be by invitation.

“L’impasse festive” festival, homestay, 2 impasse de Bellevue in Saint-Martin-des-Monts, Friday 1er July 2022 (by invitation) and Saturday July 2, 2022 (by reservation only), from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Admission: €5. Online ticketing at www.vivalavidapartages.fr

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