Vidadok 13 Agadir 2022: Maryam Bekir opens the special screenings of her film "Mothers"

Vidadok 13 Agadir 2022: Maryam Bekir opens the special screenings of her film “Mothers”

In addition to the official offers of the competition, since the second day of the festival, the first part of the “Special Offers” section of the 13th session of the International Documentary Festival (FIDADOC) of Agadir was launched, on Tuesday night June 2 On the 14th, at the Ibrahim Radi hall of the Municipal Palace, with the film “Mothers” (2020) by Moroccan director Maryam Bakir.
We know that this film, shot in the capital of Souss, revolves around the theme of single mothers and their suffering in a society whose criminal law (article 49) still condemns them to imprisonment, as if they were solely responsible for their pregnancy, which cannot always be seen as the result of rape, but rather as the result of consensual sex, the consequences of which are suffered by both men and women.
Through the Oum Al Banin Foundation in Agadir, run by the militant association Mahjouba Edboush, which receives samples from single mothers and supports them psychologically, medically, socially and legally and attempts to mediate between them and the members of their family (mainly the father and mother), the film seeks to raise awareness of the need to reconsider article 49 of the Moroccan penal code. And to change mentalities within our conservative patriarchal society, which considers women in general as inferior and rejects and condemns, in particular, the single mother, considering her a whore or a spoiler worthy of imprisonment.
The director of the film succeeded in bringing to light certain aspects of the suffering of this oppressed group of Moroccan women, by immersing herself in their daily life and by presenting their different paths from their arrival at the association until the birth of their children. and sometimes even up to the stage. to achieve reconciliation with their families, appreciating the efforts made by Mrs. Mahjouba and her help through the association “Umm al-Banin” which welcomes single pregnant women and provides them with the necessary protection.
After the screening of this film, which lasted one hour, a fruitful and rich discussion opened up between its director and the large audience who came to see it. It was skillfully energized by the festival’s artistic director and its general delegate, director Hisham Falah, during which they discussed the reasons, circumstances and objectives of the film’s production and the role that cinema can play in changing certain mentalities and the awareness of some. social phenomena and how to deal with them rationally in order to avoid many problems that may hinder the overall development of society today and in the future.
It should be noted that Maryam Bakir, member of the jury of the 13th edition of the Agadir International Documentary Festival from June 12 to 17, 2022, is a Franco-Moroccan director and author, born in Paris into a Moroccan family of origin from the region of Souss. After completing her studies at the Institut Libre du Cinéma Français in Paris, then training in photography in the United States of America, and gaining professional experience in television in the Antilles (Antilles), she directed three short films, whose The film “Samia” with Nozha Rahil, who won the role of Her, received the female diagnostic award at the Casablanca National Film Festival in 1998. She also directed her first feature film, “Agadir Bombay”, whose the heroine, actress Nafisa Benchiha, won the Best Actress award at the Tangier National Film Festival in 2011, and shot her first feature documentary, “Mothers” in 2019.

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