Warren Sapp's Robert Griffin III theory has more than a few holes

Warren Sapp’s Robert Griffin III theory has more than a few holes

Warren ‘Oliver Stone’ Sapp has a theory about RG3.
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Do you remember the book RG3 was writing? Announced in late November, it was going to be a tell-all tale of his time in Washington, detailing the sexual harassessment and medical mismanagement he endured. It was titled Surviving Washington. Do you remember this? Maybe when I brought it up just now you did, but odds are it had all but left your consciousness until this moment.

Warren Sapp hasn’t forgotten though.

The book was canceled in early March. However, between the time Griffin announced the book and its cancellation, he became the face of ESPN’s college football preview show. He was everywhere, but Sapp couldn’t help but think something was fishy about the whole situation, and during an interview with VladTV a few days ago, Sapp voiced his thoughts on the matter.

In the video, Sapp insinuates that Griffin killed his book because he was paid off by the NFL to keep quiet. He hints that Griffin only got his job as an NCAA and NFL analyst because that was the deal he made with the NFL.

Questionable comments about RG3’s talent aside, this theory has garnered a lot of attention from football fans. Many people seem to share similar feelings regarding Griffin’s book. It’s a titillating theory to ponder, if it held literally any water that is.

Griffin didn’t suddenly become one of the biggest names among college football and NFL analysts after announcing the book. In fact, he signed a multi-year deal with ESPN in August that year. Furthermore, after the deal, ESPN senior vice president of production Lee Fitting said “Robert has been on our radar for a while and we expect him to make an immediate impact on our college and NFL coverage.” I tend to believe Fitting in this instance, too.

In June, it was reported that Griffin blew away the higher-ups at ESPN and FOX during his network tryouts. It sparked a massive bidding war for Griffin’s services. If Sapp’s words held any weight, wouldn’t all of the interest have come after Griffin revealed he was going to air the NFL and Washington’s dirty laundry? Why would every network want Griffin if he didn’t have anything to hold over the NFL’s heads, as Sapp is implying?

Griffin also had prior television experience years before he made this deal. In 2017, Griffin joined NFL Live have has guest analyst and viewers seemed to connect with him. He was comfortable on camera and spoke earnestly. It was clear he had the talent to be on air, but he just wasn’t done with the NFL yet. I don’t doubt he could’ve gone straight to the studio after that appearance. Just six years after winning the Heisman, he could’ve been an analyst, but he just wasn’t ready for that.

Nobody knows for sure why Griffin canceled his book. Griffin claimed it was to give other victims an opportunity to speak their truth.

“I want to give space to and elevate those who have already come forward, while encouraging those who have not yet to feel empowered to speak. This is a matter that very qualified people are continuing to manage with sensitivity and seriousness, and ultimately, I learned that this book was not the proper forum for this. In time and through a more meaningful method, I hope to address my first-hand experience.”

Skeptics believe there’s a different reason that hasn’t been revealed to the public though.

That said, Griffin had been writing the book for quite some time before he announced its existence in late 2021. He also had multiple TV offers and signed a deal with ESPN months before the book’s existence was ever made public. Those two facts throw Sapp’s “theory” into the garbage. While I’m sure the NFL doesn’t want even more bad press, especially from a former rookie of the year and No. 2 overall pick, Griffin had every right to cancel his book if he believed it wasn’t the right way to go. Sorry, Sapp, your tin-foil hat was a little too tight this time.


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