We tested the sheep and goat sales platform “My Anoc Market”

We tested the sheep and goat sales platform “My Anoc Market”

This year in Morocco, the demand for sheep and goats for Eid Al Adha is expected to slightly exceed five million, and the supply eight millions of heads. Whether the ritual wants the buyer to move to choose his sheep based on certain criteriaan alternative exists thanks to “My Anoc Market”.

This mobile e-commerce application, launched this Wednesday, June 22, allows individuals and professionals to acquire a wide variety of sheep and of goats, all the year, without having to travel and without going through intermediaries.

To take advantage of it, just download the app through play store. Only the Android version is currently available pending versions iOS, website and website mobile. After its installation, the creation of account takes less than two minutes.

The brightly colored home interface is streamlined. It consists of a drop-down menu to view transaction history and two main categories: animals and breeders. Filters allow users to refine their search according to the species (sheep or goat), breed, weight, price, age and location.

Navigation is fluid despite some bugs and slowdowns “who can be due to internet connection”, according to jamal Benhamou, director of Soft Center at Oujda, where he oversaw the development of the application.

Two delivery methods

The majority of offers are illustrated with photographs. An exercise in which several breeders who are members of theANOC have been trained, as well as updating the catalog of offers. After selecting the animal, two delivery methods, express and standard, are available.

In addition to being able to pick up the sheep or goat by going to the breeder, the standard mode offers home delivery, or via a relay point, 24h at 48h before’Eid. A timing that seems tight in if there is any problem during delivery.

“We opted for this solution based on customer feedback, when the application was launched in the Oriental region in 2021”, specifies jamal Benhamou. “At the time, some customers even asked us to deliver the mutton to them the day before theEid in the evening, because of the difficulties in storing it.”

At the same time, the application offers the possibility of having the sheep or goat delivered on any date, at home or at a pick-up point, using express delivery.

Delivery is ensured by the network of delivery partners of the National Sheep and Goat Association (ANOC). For a sheep of 2.400 DH, delivered of Jerada to Casablanca (615 km away), the cost of delivery is equivalent to almost half the purchase price (1,100 DH). “The amount of the delivery is fixed dynamically depending on the distance”, tells us jamal Benhamou.

Regarding payment, three methods are available:

– By bank transfer, but only if the buyer has an account in the same bank as the application, due to the approach of Eid.

– Via a money transfer agency. In this case, the customer must send proof of payment through the application.

– By cash, but only after paying a reservation advance through the two previous methods. The buyer has 24 hours to provide proof of payment, otherwise his order will be cancelled.

Payment by credit card is however not available. According to Jamal Benhamou, “the bank card was the starting solution, but the majority of buyers prefer to go through cash payment circuits”.

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