We've ranked the best sex scenes in movies, from most suggestive to most graphic

We’ve ranked the best sex scenes in movies, from most suggestive to most graphic

For an education of children in intimacy and their rights, for the representation of all orientations, for a free, joyful and always consented sexuality, Konbini is committed to sex education.

Two videos are vying for the official designation of the first erotic production in the history of cinema: The Bride’s Bedtimea short two-minute film where we see a young bride undress under the gaze of her husband, directed by Albert Kirchner in 1895, and La danse serpentine, a choreography of only 50 seconds in which the American dancer Loïe Fuller performs a dance briefly showing her legs and underwear, produced by the Lumière brothers in 1896.

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A year later, in 1897, in after the ball, Georges Méliès filmed the undressing of a woman by her maid before her bath. This scene is considered to be the first complete nudity scene in cinema before the Hays code came, in 1930, to frame the representation of sexuality in American cinema.

To evoke sex in a roundabout way, the directors therefore redoubled their imagination – metaphor of the train, as at the end of Death on the heels, or flower, phallic symbols and other fireworks – to circumvent censorship. In 1968, the Hays code will be replaced by a system of classification of films by age which will authorize the representation of the sex in an explicit way on the screen. Some directors, however, will continue to favor a representation that is only evocative of sex in their film.

From the most suggested to the most graphic, we have therefore classified, subjectivelythe most striking sex scenes in cinema.

#1. The scene of the hand in titanic

For a generation of thirty-somethings, Kate Winslet’s famous hand against the wet wall of the car that hosted Jack and Rose’s antics was the very first exposure to on-screen sexuality, still firmly clinging to our minds. Because we have to admit that rarely has an ellipsis been more effective, sensual and evocative without revealing more than a few kisses and a hand on a breast, de rigueur in the very general public show that was titanic.

And twenty-five years after the filming of the film, the famous handprint is as tenacious in our memories as on the set of the film.

#2. The pottery scene in Ghost

Whether Ghost became cult, it is also and above all for the nocturnal pottery session of Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, the erotic climax of the film, as much celebrated as it is mocked. “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers on the jukebox, the two insomniac lovers find themselves around a pottery wheel in a scene that will seal their passion, before the assassination of Sam (Swayze).

Wet clay and evocative gestures, this simple sequence is much more sensual than the kisses that will follow. Surprised by the erotic and unexpected power of pottery, Jerry Zucker, the director, finally decided not to shoot the sex scene that was to follow and sent Demi Moore’s body double home. Often parodied, notably by the ZAZ in Is there a cop to save the president?the pottery of Ghost continues to write its legend.

#3. The fishing scene in Call Me by Your Name

“Call me by your name and I’ll call you by mine”. From its title, Luca Guadagnino’s film is extremely suggestive. And this is precisely the strength of this feature film where everything is played out in evocation. The film is articulated around the sexual tension between Elio and Oliver who will not seal their idyll until late and will torture each other as much as they torture us.

It is therefore a very sensual film where we see almost nothing, except for sniffing underpants and an erotic game with a peach where Elio, alone in his room, removes the pit of the fruit for the penetrate until orgasm. Luca Guadagnino and Timothée Chalamet both said in interviews that they had tested and approved the technique of solo fishing.

#4. The scene in the rain Match Point

When asked about the most memorable sex sequences in cinema, it was the fiery kiss in the rain between Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers that stood out and seems to be engraved forever on our retinas of young spectators.

Adultery, a wheat field and a summer downpour heightened the rarely matched sexual tension between Nola and Chris. But without the torrential rain as a surprise guest (as often in love scenes), the rendering of this semi-erotic parenthesis would certainly be quite different.

#5. The tent scene in The Secret of Brokeback Mountain

The sporadic carnal passion of Ennis and Jack, two handsome cowboys isolated in an imaginary Brokeback Mountain pasture in Wyoming, continues to radiate the collective imagination with its beauty and intensity (the premature death of the very charismatic Heath Ledger certainly had something to do with it). Their first antics in the tent, filmed in the twilight of the night – a must for directors who do not want to show sex frontally – gave rise to one of the most famous gay love scenes in cinema.

Proof of its power, the idyll between the two cowboys still permeates pop culture. The sequence was recently reproduced in the erotic dreams of Rue d’Euphoriaemblem of Gen Z, and more recently, it was queer superstar rapper Lil Nas X who re-enacted the scene in the video for “That’s What I Want”.

#6. The scene from the double point of view in Miss

The thriller is fertile ground and conducive to erotic subtexts, especially when it takes the form of a perverse love triangle between a mistress, her servant and a false drawing teacher, all in play of shadows behind screens and whispered secrets. In this bewitching and aesthetically sublime film, each object has a potentially sexual charge, whether frontal or suggested: lollipops and geisha balls, of course, but also a thimble or the now famous peach.

The film is divided into three parts and adopts the point of view of the three protagonists. Thus, the director offers a double perspective on the sex scene, both graphic and delicate, between Hideko, the young lady, and Sook-Hee, the servant, and thus testifies twice to the powerful sexual attraction which unites the two. women.

#7. The yacht scene in An easy girl

In her fourth film, Rebecca Zlotowski films the body of Sofia, a young woman with liberated sexuality who assumes to take advantage of her charms and embodied by Zahia Dehar, like a true work of art, both transformed by surgery and an object fascinated. Through it, the director explores the power of seduction exerted by wealth and its currency: sex.

Naïma, her young cousin, will find out the hard way one evening when she surprises her eldest having sex with a wealthy art collector in the cabin of her yacht. In this scene, Zlotowski inverts the usual relations of domination and films the body of the man like that of Zahia, who has nonetheless ceased to be objectified. But she doesn’t calm him down either and films his enjoyment without taboos or false modesty in a very erotic scene seen through the eyes of the inexperienced Naïma.

#8. The stairs scene in A History of Violence

Filmmaker of the body, David Cronenberg has dissected the different mechanisms of violence in his masterful thriller and in particular that of sex. We therefore first witness a first soft, even playful, frolic between the one who is still Tom (Viggo Mortensen), his wife Edie (Maria Bello) and a cheerleader disguise.

But as soon as Edie discovers the true face of her husband, that of Joey Cusack, a violent mobster, another sex scene takes the opposite view. The uncomfortable stair steps then replace the joyful role-playing games and their argument turns into a sexual relationship of unprecedented brutality in the cinema which will mark the bodies of the actors and the minds of the spectators. At the end of this sequence, Edie regains power, leaving her husband lying at the bottom of the stairs.

#9. The lakeside scene in The unknown lake

The whole of Alain Guiraudie’s gay thriller is concentrated on the shores of this famous lake, the main character of the film around which revolves a fascinating highly codified ballet of naked men who observe each other, brush against each other, flirt with each other and conclude in the thickets. Despite this simple surface, this outdoor camera is a compendium of eroticism and suspense when Franck falls in love with the dangerous Michel, a mustachioed Apollo.

Their passion offers beautiful sex scenes, which Alain Giraudie always directs with as much talent over the course of his films, all the more erotic as they are dangerous and filmed without any detour. Special mention for the scene by the lake, filmed in the darkness of the night but without false modesty.

#10. The threesome in Love…

… but also all the non-simulated sex scenes from Gaspar Noé’s erotic thriller, which pays a fine tribute to the beauty of the symbiosis of bodies which here take the form of erotic paintings.

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