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What if decarbonization is glocal?!

What if decarbonization is glocal?!

The various discourses on decarbonization encourage and encourage companies to invest in self-consumption solar power plants or to buy green KWh, in particular from wind power. Companies that must mobilize the necessary funds (equity or loans) to finance their own installations, or use electricity supply contracts (leasing/ESCO).

A scheme that works but remains incomplete since the company is alone in managing offers, developers, technologies, financing and insurance offers, etc. This time could have more impact on the competitiveness of the company, if oriented towards improving the performance of the industrial production chain.

It is a scheme that highlights local decarbonization, done for and by the company.

Nadia ZEDDOU, Founder and General Manager Green Wave.

And if we can have a decarbonization for the company but by the regions?! a glocal decarbonization, developed in the regions to serve companies in the various industrial zones and free zones of the Kingdom?!

In this model, the regions will be able to develop renewable energy farms (solar, wind, biomass, micro-hydroelectric, mix, etc.), why not through SDL/R (Local/Regional Development Company), depending on the potential of the region, to innovate and show creativity to achieve very attractive kWh prices for industrialists, who can be canvassed through the CRI (Regional Investment Centers) to acquire these green kWh within the framework of a partnership public-private.

A very positive emulsion will then be created, and will position the region as a development locomotive, to launch calls for tenders, challenge developers and create value through the sale of kWh outside its perimeter. Otherwise, the energy produced could be used by the region, in particular for public buildings and lighting, and the

development of eco-mobility, etc. be infinite become a regional accelerator of the national energy transition.

Regions are increasingly called upon to adopt an entrepreneurial approach to create value and encourage territorial development that enhances local potential and transforms constraints into development opportunities.

Applied to energy transition or decarbonization, advanced ‘entrepreneurial’ and ‘innovative’ regionalization remains under-exploited, while it could be used to develop regional markets with different incentive systems for investment in the sector, incentives for companies to acquire green KWh, and incentives for citizens to use renewable energies.

It is not a question of reducing the role of developers, who are currently investing in the regions and offering the kWh produced to manufacturers. It is rather a question of reorganizing the roles to diversify the offer of green kWh dedicated to industrial decarbonization, to optimize the resources and the means to make the energy transition a real lever for territorial development with these different facets of integration local, skills development, job creation in the regions, etc.

A reflection that I share at a time when the RDPs (Regional Development Plans) of the regions are being drawn up… RDPs, which we want to be creative, innovative, and creators of territorial value.

By: Nadia ZEDDOU

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