Avec "Life is Yours", son septième album, Foals lâche les chevaux (sur la plage)

With “Life is Yours”, his seventh album, Foals unleashes the horses (on the beach)

Summer is coming, Foals will make you dance! The British indie rock group (the “Colts”), which owe their name to their resemblance to a herd of horses (“We smell bad, we are young and quite wild, running and fighting a lot”, said then the leader Yannis Philippakis), comes out this Friday, June 17, Life is Yourshis seventh album.

An opus different from the previous ones. Because the formation born in Oxford, in 2005, knows how to reinvent itself without denying itself. A quality, as the artists are expected at the turn. Observers and fans hope to discover a new production, but not too much, finally.

The now trio (originally a sextet), after the departure of Edwin Congreave in 2021 (in order to devote himself to his studies and then try to act against the effects of global warming), has lost none of its creativity. . On the contrary.

Light as a bouquet of pink roses

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Gone is the pessimism and darkness of his previous project, available in two dark albums released in 2019, end of the world trend, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, part 1 and 2 (“all that is not saved will be lost”), reflecting the group’s concern for the future of the planet (“no music on a dead planet”).

Make way for the lightness of Life is Yours (“life is yours”), illustrated by a bouquet of pink roses and pastel colors, as an antithesis and reaction to the dark period of Covid-19, announced by five titles already available (Wake me up, 2 AM, Looking High, 2001, Crest of the Wave). Where more pop, more catchy, more summery, more danceable sounds take place, like 2001, a song acidulated like candy, which stays stuck in your head for a good while… (Oh My God! Brighton Rock). And whose clip instantly makes you want to pack your bags for the beach.

Foals has always juggled between registers. Rock with a lot of big sounds, angry riffs (Black Bull), pop melodies (the hit My Number), bewitching ballads (Spanish Sahara, Neptune), irresistible rhythm changes, with a common dominator for the group classified in the “math rock” category: heady tunes, choruses to tear your vocal cords, crescendo rises in voice and rhythm, until the explosion, ample, airy, ambitious pieces, which s fly away, often, reaching their target, always.

Music, alcohol, vomit, hangovers and coffee

On May 16, 2022, at the Zénith de Paris, their ears and eyes were amazed during the concert scheduled for 2020. A two-year wait was rewarded: the audience, already conquered, ignited, following the ardor and the energy of the frontman of Greek origin and his acolytes. All generations confused standing, singing and stamping during the pieces unrolled like so many hymns.

But Foals, considered the independent group of the moment across the Channel, don’t forget the fundamentals: rock, right down to the attitude. Just watch Rid Up the Road (2019), documentary shot during one of their tours, to be convinced.

A trip around the world that can be summed up in a few words: music, alcohol, vomit, hangover and coffee (the possible sex and drugs remained out of sight). Rock is not dead, Life is Yours. CQFD.

Laetitia Christian

[email protected]

This is Yours, by Foals, comes out this Friday, June 17. In concert on Saturday July 2, at the Eurockéennes de Belfort. Rip Up the Roaddocumentary, Prime Video.


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