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In September 2019, the IPTV market was plunged into turmoil following a massive law enforcement operation in Europe.

Italy’s Guardia di Finanza (GdF), a law enforcement agency under the authority of the Minister of Economy and Finance, said the main targets were the Xtream-Codes IPTV management system and its operators.

With approximately 700,000 system users blocked from directly accessing the platform and 50 million disrupted end customers worldwide, the immediate effects were unprecedented.


Despite some media reports to the contrary, Xtream-Codes was essentially just an IPTV management system that provided no content, counterfeit or otherwise. Nonetheless, Italian authorities and anti-piracy groups branded Xtream-Codes an illegal pirate service, and in the months and years that followed revealed no evidence to the contrary, despite the allegations being regularly repeated.

In January 2021, operating company Xtream Codes Ltd broke its silence to protest new claims that it was behind the Xtream-Codes Xtream UI replacement, but that didn’t do much. to stop similar ones in the coming months. Xtream Codes Ltd is now hoping to set the record straight with a new announcement.

“No evidence that Xtream Codes Ltd is illegal”

After remaining silent for almost a year, Xtream Codes Ltd has revealed the existence of legal proceedings in Italy. The company claims that following an earlier appeal, on August 3, 2021, the Naples Court of Appeal concluded that there was no evidence to show that Xtream Codes Ltd had acted unlawfully at any time between 2015 and its closure in 2019.

The supporting text, provided by the company, states that the court recognized the Italian police’s failure to perform a specific and detailed analysis of the billing data entered on Xtream Codes to determine the profits from the alleged crimes. Instead, they simply added the amounts of all invoices issued from 2015 to 2019 and arrived at a profit figure based on the entire turnover.

“This is a modality which could only be shared if it were assumed that the company was created by the present appellants for the exclusive purpose of performing the acts which are the subject of this Only then will the entire activity prove illicit over the years, to the point of identifying the profit with the total proceeds earned,” the court said, according to the Xtream Codes statement.

In summary, no evidence has been produced to show that the revenue generated by Xtream Codes Ltd was illegal. The prosecutor’s appeal to the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation was dismissed.

Famous Xtream Codes Ltd

The company says that since all of the income seized by authorities was deemed lawful by the Naples court, it has now been released. The company also hopes that being called a “pirate service” by authorities and anti-piracy groups will be a thing of the past.

“The first step towards the TRUTH has therefore been taken. A truth that we are obliged to share with you, since no newspaper, big or small, has published this news even though in 2019 when our platform was closed, tons of articles, including strongly defamatory, were written against us,” the company said.

“Even the Guardia di Finanza itself, in a recent article at the end of May 2022, insisted on calling our company a ‘global hacker platform’, even though the Naples Court of Appeal has made it clear that it does not There was not a shred of evidence in their investigative activities to suggest the illegality of Xtream Codes Ltd.

Having this court ruling in hand is clearly a big win for Xtream Codes Ltd, especially as the prosecutions are based on evidence and there appears to be no evidence to support claims that the company was operating illegally. . This does not signal an abrupt end to all legal issues related to all parties supported by the massive raids of September 2019, but it is an important step nonetheless.

Xtream Codes Ltd is represented by Avv. Andrea Nocera, Avv. Giovanni Vitale and Avv. Ciro del Sorbo

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