Youssef Ahouzi : «La logistique et la supply  chain font face à plusieurs défis»

Youssef Ahouzi: “Logistics and the supply chain face several challenges”

The CEO of PortNet returns to the role of digitalization in the current situation

ALM: What role can Salon Logismed play in promoting digitalisation?
Youssef Ahouzi : This new edition of the Logismed Fair is an opportunity to meet professionals in the logistics sector in Morocco. It is also an opportunity to share ideas and experiences with all players in the sector, particularly regarding digitalization in the field of logistics and the supply chain. At the level of the National Single Window, PortNet, we have been working for several years on the digitization of foreign trade procedures. Through this digitization, the goal is to achieve simplification and improvement of procedures relating to logistics for professionals in the sector.

Can we say that digitalization is the solution in the field of logistics in the face of current challenges?
As you know, logistics and the supply chain are facing several challenges related in particular to the health crisis and geostrategic tensions. This situation puts pressure on supply chains in general. Digitization makes it possible, through the use of technologies and interoperability between the various players, to improve processes and secure the supply chain and logistics by allowing more efficient monitoring and management. The digitization of procedures and processes makes it easier and easier for operators to better manage and organize their logistics.

What about PortNet’s action on an African scale?
We work with our colleagues within the African alliance on several subjects, in particular the interoperability of the different single windows of our respective countries with the aim of improving trade and promoting the single window as a facilitator of international trade thanks to digitization and simplification of foreign trade procedures. We are also working on other issues that will allow our countries and our economic operators to discuss more often the challenges of foreign trade on a continental scale.

About PortNet
The PortNet project was launched in 2008 by Morocco, in a context of international commercial competition and sustained growth in Moroccan port traffic. A platform for the dematerialization of document flows, PortNet handles the formalities between the various stakeholders in foreign trade. The PortNet Single Window simplifies and speeds up the procedures and formalities for the entry or exit of goods; the fluidity of goods is improved, customs clearance accelerated and transparency in business-government relations increased. PortNet SA was created pursuant to Decree No. 2-10-146 of Joumada I 11, 1431 (April 26, 2010) with an initial share capital of 6 million dirhams and an operating capital of 30 million dirhams. It is operational 24/7. This body has simplified procedures for the entire foreign trade community. The latter brings together a set of stakeholders, such as institutional bodies, ministries and public establishments (ANP, ADII, ministry in charge of foreign trade, etc.), control bodies (ONSSA, MCDI, etc.), local banks, handling operators, shipping agents, importers and exporters, freight forwarders etc.

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